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When human still were angels - From Heart to Heart
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Now in bookstores!

You can buy When humans still were angels wherever books are sold. Both with online providers and at the bookstore around the corner from you. If you like, you can also order it directly from our publisher. The link will take you straight there!


Angel Merchandise!

For those of you who can't get enough of the angels, there is our angel merchandise. In our store you will find t-shirts for adults and children and mugs. Just take a look and get inspired!

The creation story

The creation of the text


In the beginning there was only the picture. An angel who wants to protect his heart and forms a chest with his wings. It came to me in a conversation with a friend and was alive for a few weeks before I wrote the first word. From the first to the last word, a few minutes passed. It was as if the angel had grown in my heart and then all of a sudden be born into the world.


The creation of the angels

In a café, Philipp told me the story of a man in the forest, for which he would like illustrations. During the conversation we came to the conclusion that for a few days he has also had the idea of a story about how people used to be angels and their wings have become our chests. The pictures about this didn't let me go and instead of starting to illustrate the forest, I started to draw the angels. The process of painting itself was then a bit longer and took a few detours before the images were created that are now printed in the book. Some details are described in the image gallery below.


Thank you!

From the beginning there were so many people who encouraged and supported us in getting this story out into the world. Friends who listened with tears in their eyes watching individual angels for hours. Support with proofreading, with translations, with technical questions. Many ideas and impulses came unasked and were warmly welcomed. Without you this book would not exist.
Thank you for everything.

It's for you.

Vera & Philipp

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